• Status of Women Scientits in S&T Institutions in Delhi

    On the occasion of National Science Day (28th February), I would like to share with you our research findings came out few years back from a study...

    Dr. Rekha Saxena

      by Dr. Rekha Saxena

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  • GEF CSO Network Agenda item : Work Program

    Statement made at 52nd GEF Council Meeting held in Washington DC on May 23, 2017 on behalf of GEF CSO Network. Statement made at GEF.

    Dr. Lalit Mohan

      by Dr. Lalit Mohan

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  • Gramin Vigyan Kendra

    Gramin Vigyan KendraSED has developed Gramin Vigyan Kendra at village Digod in Kota district of Rajasthan. The kendra is engaged in development and dissemination of low-cost, eco freindly technologies related to farm & non farm sectors to rural youths & women.

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SED Projects 

Policy Research

  • Report  to search from database of Analysis of Outcome of Extramural R & D project sanctioned by various Government funding agencies:
  1. (1995-2000)
  2. (2000-2005)
  3. (2005-2010)

Analysis of Outcome of Extramural R & D Projects sanctioned during 2005-2010

Background: The science and technology play an important role in the economic, social and physical development of the country. The growth of S & T, its performance and impact on society and . To download Questionnaire Click Here

Field Projects

FLAX : A Wonderful gift of Nature

Flax (also known as common flax or linseed) (binomial name: Linum usitatissimum) is a & therapeutic qualities. Click Here


Save Soil: A Precious Resource

Soil is a fundamental resource for the welfare of human, and life in general on earth, and as such it is one of the most important assets to protect and ...Click Here

Vermi-composting: SED Flagship program for Delhi NCR Schools

Covering more than 500 schools in Delhi NCR by establishing vermi-compost pits and providing training to school teachers & children about Solid Waste Management through this technique..... Click Here

Stevia: A boon to diabetic and blood pressure patients

Stevia is a sweetener and is used as sugar substitute extracted from the leaves of the plant species Stevia rebaudiana. the active compounds of stevia are steviol glycosides which have up to 150 times the sweetness of sugar, are heat stable, pH stable, and not fermentable.Click Here

Social Insects & School Children

Life existed on earth for about 2,500 millions years. Primitive man arrived on the earth perhaps a couple of million years ago. Modern man emerged as the dominating species on the earth only about forty thousand years ago. Click Here

Women technology park

SED is now the very first time in the Rajasthan going to be known for its recently sanctioned Women Technology Park (WTP) one of the most prestigious grant adding the glory to the crown of SED in research frontiers... Click Here

Prof. L.N. Vyas Environment Innovation Award

The SED has constituted annual Award for outstanding innovative work in the field of environment in the name of eminent environment researcher Prof. L. N. Vyas. Dr. Vyas is pioneer in the field of environment & ecology and guided more than 50 Ph.D scholars, published more than 200 research papers and written 10 books.

The first Prof. L. N. Vyas Environment Innovation Award was given to Dr. L. K. Dadhich, eminent Environmentalist of Kota in Rajasthan at ceremony organized at B. N. University, Udaipur on 12th January, 2017 by Prof. Uma Shankar Sharma, Vice � Chancellor, Maharana Pratap University of Agriculture & Technology, Udaipur. Dr. Dadhich was conferred with Citation and cheque of Rs. 11,000/- in the presence of Prof. Vyas and eminent persons of Udaipur.