Society for Environment and Development (SED) is a leading voluntary organization working in the field of Environment and registered in 1993 under the Society’s Registration Act of 1860 and FCRA of Ministry of Home Affairs. This is a group of professionals dedicated to fulfilling community’s agenda. The SED is engaged in activities like research , creation of database, development and demonstration of new low cost technologies, publication, ensuring peoples participation, training and awareness.


SED is focusing on Environment, Sustainable Development, Energy, solid waste management at domestic and community level, science and technology Population and Women & Child development.


Following are the main objectives of the Society:


Ensuring survival of the weakest in the community.


To uplift the underprivileged section of the society so that there is synergy between environment and natural resources and the development is sustained.


To enhance impact by increasing socio-economic status of poor, SC/ST and backward class through partnerships between and among researchers, extension workers, CBO’s, farmers and traders..