Gramin Vigyan Kendra (GVK)

The SED has Gramin Vigyan Kendra (GVK) in village Digod of Kota district of Rajasthan. The Centre is spread over 3 acre of land and have facilities for training in rural technologies. The Centre is running farm school for demonstration and training to farmers, women and rural youth in technologies related to farm and non-farm sector.

Geographically located between 75° 37’ and 77° 26’ east longitude and 24° 25’ and 25° 51’ north latitudes is the Digod tehsil in Kota district,

Gramin Vigyan KendraGramin Vigyan Kendra

which is just 28 Km. east of the Kota city. The area is very backward and dominated by SC/ST population. They have very low infrastructure and poor socio-economic conditions. The main occupation of the villagers is agriculture, cattle rearing and landless labourers. With the lack of education and awareness about any scientific techniques these villagers are still dependent on age-old methods of agriculture. Although canals are there, irrigation from them is very difficult as they are able to provide water only 2-3 times in a year and that is only when the monsoon is normal. The region has warm summers but mild winters. Summer temperatures sometimes touch 45 ° C. The relative humidity is generally high in this zone. The annual rainfall varies from 60 to 85 cm. Natural vegetation exists in the form of woodlands, parklands and open forests, which have, however, now degraded.

Following are the major field on which GVK is concentrating.

Harnessing S & T for the poor

Sustainable Agriculture & horticulture

Water, Soil and biodiversity management

Enhancing livestock productivity & animal husbandry

Non-farm sector