Women Technology Park

SED is now the very first time in the Rajasthan going to be known for its recently sanctioned Women Technology Park (WTP) one of the most prestigious grant adding the glory to the crown of SED in research frontiers especially for nurturing rural women in terms of Technology intervention, innovation and up-gradation of socio economic quality of life. The main aim behind SED WTP is Women Empowerment and providing women a platform to transform into successful Entrepreneurs. A well-equipped training centre would be established at Gramin Vigyan Kendra (Rural Science Centre) Campus at Digod in Kota district of Rajasthan to train and empower the local women. Women Technology Park will act as window for providing information, creating awareness, giving training for appropriate technologies leading to skill up gradation and also help to establish the important forward and backward linkages for income generation through micro enterprises for women besides doing on field trials for research and developments and modulation of the technology packages to address location specific needs.

320 women will be trained in four identified technologies. The training schedule was made according to the convenience of trainees to make it successful. There will be 8 batches of 40 trainees each. The training will focus mainly on the following activities.

a. Value Addition of Agri-products (Soya products, spices and food items like papad, pickle, wadi, garlic paste etc. As Soybean is grown in plenty in this region).

b. Health Products (Biscuits and Namkeens as health products with nutrients like flax, garlic etc. As Garlic is grown in plenty in this region and GVK is promoting cultivation of Flax as wonder crop in this region)

c. Animal Feed Blocks (Making of nutrient rich Animal Feed Blocks for Cattles)

d. Animal Husbandry (Rearing of small animals like goat, hen, rabbit etc. for income generation and nutrition increase)